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On hunting trips, many people immediately think of The Big Five (elephant, lion, rhino, leopard and buffalo) in Africa. But many hunting trips also take place in Germany, Poland, France and England. Where your trip goes depends mainly on the type of hunting you want to practice. For some people, a small game hunting is more attractive than a large game hunting. Other hunters rather sit alone on the highseat on deer or wild boar. Everything is possible with our suppliers.

Types of hunting trips

Not every hunting trip is the same. You can therefore roughly classify hunting trips:

  • Movement hunt for large or small game, such as driven hunting,
  • Seat hunt with treestands etc,
  • Hunting with blinds.

Depending on your wishes, needs and budget you can book a hunting trip that meets your wishes and of course combinations are also possible in some cases.

Hunting trips for beginning hunters

Are you relatively new to the hunting world? Then it is not always easy to find a suitable hunting location. Many young hunters are looking for an opportunity to hunt somewhere and are dependent on the invitation of hunters who already have a hunting ground. If you are a novice hunter and want to gain experience, you can for example start a hunting trip in Europe. Often you will receive the necessary guidance.



Hunting trips in Germany

The nature and wildlife parks in many countries welcome foreign hunters. This generates income and employment. Popular are hunting trips to Germany. Germany is extremely suitable for hunting and there is also a lot of game present. One does not have enough hunters to manage all the game and to reach the shooting quota. Extra help from abroad is therefore highly appreciated. You can, even if you do not have your own hunting ground, apply for a so-called 'Begehungsschein'. What to take into account when travelling abroad? When you want to go hunting abroad. The following things need to be sufficiently in order:

  • Your hunting and travel documents. This is usually also your local hunting permit of the country you are going to hunt and the insurance certificate.
  • Your hunting weapons including the corresponding and required permits,
  • Your hunting ammunition. This should be well matched to the weapon you are shooting with.
  • Your hunting equipment.
  • Your hunting optics. This concerns the entire range of optics. Optics to search, such as good binoculars, and optics to aim well.

It is not inconceivable that you will benefit from night vision equipment. In poor lighting conditions on a hunting ground that is unfamiliar to you, night vision equipment can be very valuable. Please note that in some federal states of Germany and in other countries the use of night vision equipment is not allowed.

Popular hunting countries

Depending on what you want to experience with regard to hunting, you choose a country where you would like to go hunting. The most popular hunting countries are currently:

  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • South - Africa
  • Argentina

Wondering what rules apply in which countries with regard to hunting? Take a look at the Hunting Laws & Regulations per country. Wise use Just as in the Netherlands, the 'wise use' principle is central in many other countries. This means that nature is treated in a responsible manner. Population management is therefore always based on the carrying capacity of an area and the optimal game population. This takes into account traffic, food supply, rest areas, diseases and recreational pressure.

Hunting organisations

A number of well-known and reliable providers of hunting trips are:

  • Diana Limpopo
  • Hunting Tours
  • Blaser Safaris
  • Serengeti Safaris
  • Adler Tours
  • K&K premium Jagdreisen
  • Adventure zone

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