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Buying a shotgun

Shotguns are available in all shapes and sizes. There is an enormous diversity. The traditional shotgun is the side-by-side, also called juxtapose. Here the two barrels lie next to each other. Very popular are however 'the over-and-under' models, also called superpose. With this type of rifle the barrels are one above the other.

Those who would like a rifle with a classic look choose the side-by-side. The shooter must realize that a side-by-side shoots a little bit different than a superpose-model. Not better or worse, but different. This has mainly to do with the location of the rib and the way you look over the barrels. There are also guns with three barrels available (the drilling) and even a quadruplet. With these rifles, a combination of hail and bullet guns within a model is possible.


The choice of a good shotgun is often a matter of personal taste. All new rifles made today meet the necessary qualifications. Hail-guns range from roughly one thousand to one hundred thousand euros. The hail guns used in the Netherlands are usually double-barrelled, but very sometimes you sometimes come across someone with a single-barrelled hail gun in the field.

The permitted hail guns in the Netherlands all hinge with the aid of a bascule. These shotguns are hinged and can therefore be 'broken'. This is also how the patterns are placed. This type is considered to be the safest type of shotgun because it is not ready for firing when 'broken' and it is therefore clearly visible whether or not it is loaded.


Which shotgun can you use to shoot in the Netherlands? The Nature Protection Act describes it as follows: 'If the hunt for game (hare, pheasant, rabbit, wood pigeon and mallard duck) has been opened, it may be carried out with hail guns, calibres 12, 16, 20 and 24. If it is a single-barrelled shotgun, it may have a magazine with a maximum of two cartridges.

In addition, a shotgun with a nominal calibre of .22 inch or 5.58 mm may be used in the hunt for rabbit or wood pigeon. If the magazine can contain more than two cartridges, the rifle shall be fitted with a locking device. Large-calibre rifles may also be used for management and damage control, depending on the type.

Second-hand shotgun

When choosing a hunting weapon you can choose a new one or a second hand shotgun. We have many second-hand shotguns in our range, but you can also sell your shotgun here. We advise you to check the maximum pressure the rifle can tolerate with older second hand rifles. Most old hail guns are made for lead hail and that is nowadays forbidden in the Netherlands.


It is important that the rifle fits your body, so that you can shoulder well. The length of the flask also plays a role. A pump that is too long can be shortened by the rifle maker without any problems. A number of gunmakers now even market a lightweight rifle specially designed for the body of the female hunter. For example, the Vittoria Series from Beretta.

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