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Hunting rifle scopes

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Buy a hunting rifle scope

Hunting rifle scopes or hunting optics are a very important part of hunting sports. You need them for searching and finding game, as well as being able to focus on the game.

Hunting optics can be divided into two aspects, namely:

  • Hunting optics aimed at searching for game and observing it. Think of products such as binoculars or single eye viewers.
  • Hunting optics for effective shooting

Absolute must

A rifle scope is a tool with magnifying quality’s. With a rifle scope you are able to visualize the target at a longer distance. Especially in hunting a rifle scope is therefore an absolute must. Often the distance to the target is too great to be able to shoot the animal properly. By enlarging the image the visualization of the target will be much better and it becomes possible to shoot more accurately.


There are several variables for rifle scopes. These are the size of the field lens (objective), the magnification, the shape of the cross and the adjustment possibilities. A thin cross ensures that the center spot of the target is not covered. The cross should never be held too far from the face or too close, so that the eye is almost in contact with the glass.

If this does happen, the result is that the shooter is looking through a 'tunnel' where the outer edge, or frame, is a blurred whole. It is important to find the right distance from eye to scope. This allows the shot to be released from a safe distance. In other words: the position of the shooter behind his weapon is decisive for a good image.


For the driven hunt, rifle scopes with a small magnification are often used. This is because it is necessary to be able to react quickly to a moving target. For the pressure hunt rifle scopes with variable magnification are used, because the target is approached calmly and there is therefore more time to adjust the rifle scope.

Also, in some cases targets are fired at from different (longer) distances. A larger distance requires a larger magnification and a smaller magnification is needed for shooting (moving) game at shorter distances. In general, the field of vision inside the scope is much larger at smaller magnifications, making moving game easier to spot.

Red Dot

Many hunting rifle scopes nowadays have a so-called 'red dot' or a small red target in the viewer. There are even viewers in which the entire reticle lights up in one colour. Red Dot Rifle scopes are special rifle scopes that generally have no magnification and work on the basis of a reflection of a red or green LED. The special thing about a red dot is that almost no movement deviation occurs. These rifle scopes are mainly used in situations where quick shooting is required..

Where to find the right hunting optics

The most important brands for hunting optics are in Europe:

  • Aimpoint
  • Blaser
  • Bresser
  • Bushnell
  • Coated
  • Hawke
  • Kite Optics
  • Leica
  • Leupold
  • Meopta
  • Minox
  • Optolyth
  • Pulsar
  • Steiner
  • Swarovski
  • Zeiss

Many of these brands also have a built-in distance-meter that accurately indicates how far away a piece of game is from you. What the best optic is for the hunt you practice depends on a number of factors and a good dealer will give you a good advice.

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