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With night vision equipment you can still look at the surroundings in poor light, or with almost no light. Night vision equipment makes people, animals and objects visible in the evening and at night, for which it would otherwise be too dark. We distinguish night vision equipment, thermal image cameras and residual light amplifiers.

Night vision

Night vision is a technology that originates from military applications in border and object surveillance. Night vision scopes are also frequently used by security companies. Within the category of night vision rifle scopes, a clear dichotomy can be observed: The differences lie in the illumination of the object. There are thermal imaging cameras. Also called thermal scopes or night vision and residual light amplifiers.

Thermal image cameras

A thermal imaging camera, also called an infrared camera, is a camera that does not look at the visible light, but at the infrared radiation. A normal camera records the light that our eyes also see. A thermal imaging camera, on the other hand, looks at the infrared part of the radiation. Because of this, the camera does not see what the colour of something is, but what the temperature is. An object that is warm, such as an animal, is highlighted more sharply than an object that does not give off any heat.

In principle, the rule applies that the best way to observe and observe game is to use thermal imaging techniques. This is because thermal imaging cameras can also be used during the day. So you can use them in daylight and twilight.

Residual light amplifiers

A residual light viewer amplifies the existing ambient light. You can think of the light of the moon or stars. An electronic picture tube amplifies this minimal light so that an object or piece of game can be seen more clearly. In addition to your residual light amplifier, you can also use an infrared ray as an auxiliary light source. In most cases, the light from an infrared heater is invisible to the naked eye. People mainly use residual light amplifiers for correct addressing and shooting of game. It is often the case that obstacles like branches, for example, are difficult to perceive with thermal imaging techniques. In these cases, residual light amplification is used.

Best known brands in the category residual light amplifiers are:

  • Lahoux Optics
  • Seek
  • Leopold
  • Pulsar
  • Blaser
  • Zeiss
  • Swarovski
  • Yukon
  • Minox
  • Liemke

Our suppliers of night vision equipment and the like

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  • Graziani Gunshop
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  • Dorhout Mees BV

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