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Hunting knives

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Hunting knives for hunters

A good knife is just as essential for hunters as a functioning rifle or good ammunition. There are many models on the market, but not all models are suitable for the same purpose. For killing an animal you need a long knife, while for eviscarating a shorter knife with a blunt appearance is needed. In this way you prevent damage to the intestines, for example, when eviscerating. There are many beautiful hunting knives for sale, but a hunting knife should be always functional.

Hunting knives

There are many different hunting knives available: knives that can open, and fixed knives that are suitable for killing (wounded) game. When a piece of game is not killed directly by the shot or by a collision, it is the duty of every hunter to avoid unnecessary suffering immediately. Especially in case of a dangerous situation. Then a daggerstroke in the heart, lung or neck between the atlas and the turner is often the quickest and most humane way to free an injured animal from its suffering.

This is done with long, fixed knives of which the traditional naming says a lot about their use. A Saufänger, for example, is a long dagger with which a wild boar can be killed. A Hirschfänger is a long dagger with which a piece of red game can be killed and a Nicker is a smaller version for roe deer.


A hunting knife must be well in the hand and have the right notches for the fingers. A handle with which you can place your index finger behind the tip of the handle makes the hunting knife easier to steer. A hunting knife does not have a serrated blade, because knives give a frayed cut. Hunting knives can be made of different types of steel. You can choose for a harder steel that keeps its sharpness longer, but also for carbonsteel that can easily be kept sharp.

Folding knives

Folding or cutting knives come in many forms. It is especially big game hunters who make a lot of use of these hunting knives because hygiene requires that soon after shooting a larger pieces of game, the intestines must be removed to prevent heating and contamination of the game. The most famous are the Swiss Victorinox pocket knives with many useful tools and accessories.

The use of a cut-hunt knife is dangerous. Because the user can seriously injure himself. An intermediate form is the folding or cutting knife where the blade can be secured. The chance that the knife closes is thus much smaller.


Many slaughter knives are fitted with handy gadgets such as the knife with a blunt tip, which can be used to open the skin without damaging the intestines. This causes contamination of the meat.

Some knives also have a so-called slot saw with which the pubic bone of the pelvis can be sawn open. This facilitates ensures that the entire rectum can be removed cleanly and the meat is not stained. What should you pay attention to when buying hunting knives and/or hunting daggers? Hunting knives can be found in many combinations of the versions described above. You should consider for yourself which type of hunting knife or dagger is best suited for you. The following factors should be taken into account:

  • The type of game you are going to hunt.
  • The environment in which you will hunt.
  • Your own experience.
  • The functionality of the knife.

Brands hunting knives

In our range of hunting knives you will find a wide variety of different types of hunting knives. Popular brands among hunting knives are Swiss hunting knives from Victorinox, Puma, Saur & hunting knives from Eka.

Some well-known brands:

  • Böker
  • Sandvik
  • Gerber
  • Buck
  • Bear
  • Spyderco
  • Laguiole
  • Camillus

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