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Hunting clothes

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Buy hunting clothes

Good hunting clothes are often an underestimated subject, because the pleasure of hunting depends on the right hunting clothes and hunting shoes. And hunting makes quite a few demands on the clothing. Not infrequently, the clothing has to endure a lot. A good hunting boot must be able to withstand the sharp thorns of the blackberries. A jacket that is not waterproof will quickly reduce the pleasure. In short, good hunting clothes will help you to hunt more efficiently. Good clothing is your support in the field: during the cold winter months, but also during hot summers.

You do not necessarily have to be in a hunting specialist shop to buy hunting clothes, but experience has shown that the staff in these shops do have the knowledge to advise you well. They know, better than anyone, what aspects you will have to deal with while hunting.

English and German styles

Two styles dominate the hunting fashion: the English oriented hunting clothes and the German oriented hunting clothes. Nowadays, there is also a lot of good Scandinavian outdoor clothing. This category has made considarable progress during the last decades with brands like Harkila and Pinewood. The Scandinavian clothing is derived from the German hunting clothing, but often equipped with the latest technological gadgets and materials.

The difference between German and English hunting clothes is mainly in the use of fabrics and headgear. English hunting clothing uses many tweed fabrics and flat caps. German hunting fashion makes more use of lead, leather and linen fabrics. In the category headgear you will also find more varieties of hats in the German style. The knee pants, also called knickerbockers, are common in both styles. These trousers have handy knife pockets and are worn with long hunting socks.

Trends in hunting fashion

In both German and English hunting clothing we see more and more camouflage patterns recurring nowadays. This is derived from militaristic clothing, where one should be as invisible as possible. Being invisible is also an important aspect when hunting. Nowadays, the clothing and the type of camouflage is even adapted to the type of hunting and the different seasons: just think of the ingenious and extremely effective crow suits that are on the market today.

What kind of hunting clothes should I buy?

Buying hunting gear is not as easy as it seems. Because not all hunting clothes can be combined with every type of hunting. The clothing for hunting with a rifle, falcon or hawk, for example, is clearly different from the clothing used for the slip hunt. The latter category is more based on equestrian sports. It is better to buy these in special equestrian clothing stores.

The hunting coat is perhaps the most essential piece of clothing for the hunter. A hunting coat makes sure that you stay warm and dry. Be aware that a good hunting coat has to breathe because of perspiration. But practical gadgets in the clothing are also important. Think of a detachable hood or different pockets for everything you carry with you during the hunt.

Also the hunting pants is an important item. This should be warm and above all noiseless. A single abrasive noise from your clothing can be enough to make a deer flee. In the best case, your hunting pants are also waterproof. If not, you can also purchase additional rain trousers or waterproof leg pipes. Waterproof leg pipes are also called beetroot pipes, because they offer protection on beet fields.

Hunting clothing brands

Many weapon-brands, such as Blaser, Beretta, Benelli and Browning also brought their own clothing line on the market. These hunting clothes are generally of very good quality and suitable for various forms of hunting.

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