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Hunting boots

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Buy hunting boots

No hunter can do without a good pair of boots. They should not only protect you from moisture, cold and thorns. They should also be comfortable on your feet and provide support to the joints. Many choices are possible, both in the upper and lower price segment.


For many people the brand appears to be an important factor in the choice of hunting boots. You may already be familiar with a certain brand and therefore you want to buy this brand again. Or maybe you have a negative experience with a brand, and therefore you do not want to buy that one brand.

In any case, it is advisable not to stare blindly at a brand, because there are many good and usable boots of many different brands. Ultimately, it's all about quality. Do the boots offer enough protection? Are they comfortable? Your feet should always be able to move freely in your boots.  So the boots should not be too tight.


It is also important that the foot can breathe well in the boot, because when you start hunting it can sometimes be that you are in the field for a long time. If you get sweaty feet in your boots it can become very uncomfortable. The boots should provide good protection against wind and rain, so after hours of hunting you will still not suffer from wet socks or tired feet.


The choice of hunting boots or shoes depends, of course, partly on the terrain you are going to hunt. For a very humid environment, even wading pants or groin boots can be considered.

A good boot with an excellent price/quality ratio is for example the Dunlop Islay Yacht Boot. The boot is suitable for all outdoor activities and offers comfort and durability. The boot is finished with high quality leather for extra protection. The boot is equipped with the special Purofort material technology. Purofort lasts up to three times longer than ordinary PVC or rubber boots. But of course there are more top brands that offer top boots for hunters such as Aigle, Harkila and Le Chameau.

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