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Buy binoculars for hunting

Always good visibility

The binoculars are an indispensable optical instrument for every hunter. Without a pair of binoculars, the hunter's tasks can hardly be performed correctly. A good viewer is not only needed on the hunt itself, but also for the annual counts carried out by hunters in the field or just to see what is happening in the field.

In short, a good viewer always comes in handy. And when seated in the edges of the day, when dusk falls or darkness slowly gives way to the morning dusk, binoculars with good image quality are more than necessary.

Magnification factor

A pair of binoculars for hunting needs an enlargement factor of 7x to 10x. We are talking about a medium magnification factor.  If someone is 1000 metres away and you look through a viewer with a magnification factor of 10x, it will seem as if the person you are looking at is 100 metres away. However, the higher the magnification factor, the more restless the image will become. The highest factor is certainly not always the best option.


A few useful facts before you decide which binoculars to buy. The diameter of the lenses (the large lenses on the front of the viewer) is displayed in millimeters. The greater this value, the more light can pass through it and the more details become visible. The disadvantage is that the binoculars become heavier. The size of the lens also has a direct influence on the brightness and the twilight index. The larger the lens, the greater the brightness and the twilight index become.

Twilight index

The twilight index says something about how well the viewer performs in less good (dim) conditions. The brightness (brightness) says something about the brightness of the image and how well you can distinguish details. What is preferable now? A good twilight index or a high brightness? Of course it is nice if both values of a viewer are high.

However, if you have to make a choice the following points are worth considering. In good light conditions, good brightness is always preferable to a good twilight index. In less good light conditions, a good twilight index is preferable. What does this mean in practice for the hunter. Usually you are on the move as a hunter and you have to deal with a long twilight period. A high twilight index is preferable in this case.

Distance meter

Nowadays there are binoculars on the market with built-in distance meter. For hunters this is an extraordinarily functional addition to the standard binoculars. After all, you immediately see at how many metres that one reegeit or buck is standing from the pulpit and that is, especially in unknown terrain, often not so easy with the naked eye.

Best binoculars for hunting

We have many different binoculars in our assortment, including viewers from well-known brands such as Leica and Swarovski. Viewers in the medium segment are supplied by Meopta and Bushnell, among others. Zeiss produces viewers for the more expensive segment, but as one of the few producers it also offers the opportunity to grow from the lower to the top segment within a brand. See below all our providers of hunting binoculars:

  • Zeiss
  • Blaser
  • Swarovski
  • Minox
  • Optolyth
  • Coated
  • Bresser
  • Meopta
  • Bushnell
  • Steiner

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